About CutGrafix
Who we are, and how we do things differently   We at CutGrafix are a group of bike owners and riders, passionate about motorbikes and racing.  We  produce very high quality motorcycle art and reproduction stickering sets for all types and ages of  bikes, and specialize in Ducati and their race bikes from all years.    We will customize to your specifications and create your own personal imaginings. We also create  replica OEM stickering for all Ducati models and some other brands of bikes as well.   We are involved in a number of politically active motorcycle organizations in Australia and dedicate  some pages of this site to fund raising activities for their betterment, and in turn all motorcyclists  using Australia's road system. We support a huge number of Australian riders, in the hard grind of competitive motorcycle racing,  and offer you the ability to support them via merchandise that helps them keep going.    Where we are   We are located in beautiful Gold Coast, in the state of Queensland, Australia. Don't be put off by the  distance, most of our orders are delivered to your door in about a week, no matter where on earth  you live.   How we do business    This web site has been set up to sell our products to you the true enthusiast. We value the support of  our customers, and reward them with great quality products at the fairest prices.    Each item displayed in the shopping area has a BUY NOW button that will take you to PayPal for  settlement of payment for your order. If you wish to pay by some alternate method, including cash,  cheque, credit card, International money transfer or direct deposit then Contact Us    We ask that you hit the relevant button and send us email, telling us what you are interested in. It  will help us if you tell us the make, model, year, color, seat configuration of your bike and whether  the body work has been modified from standard. Also let us know what country the shipment is to go  to. These details allow us to ensure that your expectations are met when you receive your order.    We man the email system at most times, and will get back to you very quickly with details of  settlement, shipping etc.    Disclaimer    Some sets of stickers may include what could be construed as advertising for products that are  deemed by your local laws or religious beliefs to be unlawful. These include, but are not limited to,  alcohol products. You need to ensure that you are not infringing any local laws in the fitment of  these stickers to your bike. We will not be held responsible for any infringement that you may  commit in the fitment of these stickers. We cannot supply any stickers that promote tobacco  products due to Australian law, even if you don’t reside in Australia. Photographs used in the shop area are in many cases for illustrative purposes only and don’t show  the actual CutGrafix product, although we guarantee perfect reproduction of the original stickers.  FREE POST offered in sales listings is standard airmail via Australia Post/USPS/Royal Mail and does  not allow tracking. If you require full tracking of your order then please contact us for quote before  purchasing. ALL PRICES ON WEBSITE ARE IN USD     ALL PRICES ON WEBSITE ARE IN USD
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